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“To My Family and My Patients.” “To my late friend, Professor Esmat Shiba, who has been a true friend throughout our lives.”


To all my colleagues who spent long time sorting in my large video collection to choose the best images to be included.

The process was long consuming immense effort and time, initially started with Drs. Mohamed Saad Eldin EL Neklawi, Sameh Mohamed, Ahmed Abdel-Halim and Diaa Hamama, laminating the video collection to pick out candidates that still images will be selected from.

Next, Drs. Mohamed Saad Eldin EL Neklawi, Diaa Hamama and myself organized the selected images and distributed them along the corresponding chapters.

Very special thanks to Dr. Mohamed Saad Eldin EL Neklawi without his support to me in revising and changing a lot of photos and putting the figures inside the text, this work can’t be finished in the final shape.

I would like to extend special thanks to my friends and colleagues who wrote the text. Professor Mohamed Sherif Mogawer wrote the esophagus chapter, the stomach chapter was written by Professor Ayman Fouad, the duodenum chapter was written by myself, the colon chapter by Professor Ahmed Elbadry, the biliary and pancreatic diseases chapter by Professor Magdy Fawzy and, the chapter of assessment of colorectal polyps, NBI in Barrett,s and artificial intelligence was written by Dr.Yehia Mazen Naga. Updates were contributed to the esophagus, stomach, colon and biliary and pancreatic diseases chapters by myself, Dr. Shaimaa Elkhooly shared in updating the stomach, duodenum and colon chapters.

My appreciation and gratefulness to both Professor Mona El-Kassas and Dr. Mona Ahmed Aslan.

The whole work was revised by Professor Mona El-Kassas both the linguistic and the scientific content in a very meticulous way.

A great effort was done by Dr. Mona Aslan in arranging and revising the references of the whole Atlas, which was a tremendous work.

Special thanks to Professor Mitsuhiro Kida, MD.PhD, Professor of Gastroenterology and executive consultant of Endoscopy Center, Kitasato University & Hospital, for writing the NBI diagnosis of the polyps.

I want also to thank Dr. Alhosaeyn Ibrahim Isa, a specialist of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Dar El-Salam Cancer Center and at Alfa Scope Center, as well as Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Mahboub, a specialist of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at the National Liver Institute, and Alfa Scope Center, for their efforts revising some of the videos to select and replace some of the images. Very special thanks to Takeda Company for generously supporting this work which was done in collaboration with El-Ebrashi center of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy Cairo University. My thanks also to Dr. Hossam Belal medical manager, Takeda who exerted a great effort to accomplish all the logistics needed for this work. The enormous work done by the Eventosolutions Company in the printing of the text and revising the photos before printing is greatly appreciated, with special thanks to Dr. Mohab Hamed and Mr. Ayman Eltawil who worked diligently with me and Dr. Mohamed El Neklawy to finalize the photos for printing.

My great appreciation and thankfulness to Professor Hassan Dorrah, Professor of Electrical Engineering Cairo University who worked on the final product to check for the plagiarism.With my appreciation and thankfulness for Professor Hisham Mahmoud El Minawi professor of plastic surgery Cairo university for revising the Kasr Al-Ainy history and providing some photos from the book written by late Professor Mahmoud Fawzi El Minawi professor of obstetrics and gynecology Cairo university and founder of Kasr Al-Ainy museum.

Mazen Naga